Rev. Jacki Belile, CPC

Jacki Belile

"I know that the peace and power you seek is abundantly available to you. You can learn to make space for the gift of forgiveness. You can find your way forward!"

The Founder and Director of Living Well Ministries, Rev. Jacki Belile, CPC, is an ordained American Baptist minister and certified life coach. She has been teaching and coaching on forgiveness since 2000 (and living it much longer!)

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Forgive for Life™ Coaching



I started out as a workshop attendee and soon sought Jacki’s help as a coach. Her fresh perspectives on forgiveness, and her patient creative way of helping me see my progress were just what I needed. Today, I understand that I am free to move on from the past when I choose to do so. It just takes practice!—Beth

Once I really understood that forgiveness and reconciliation are not the same thing, the shackles came off my heart. I moved forward steadily and found the joy of caring for myself and for my spiritual growth again. “Forgive for Life” was for MY life.—David

I am so thankful for your freeing message, Jacki, and that you held the space I needed in order to make tough decisions about ending my relationship without resentment.—Robert

Jacki helped me to see that compassion is not a sign of weakness but of strength. And this wasn’t just talk or ideas. Our coaching sessions helped me to risk feeling compassion in my daily life.—Ben

Our retreat on forgiveness helped me think about forgiveness in a way that also touched my heart. Now, it’s not just an idea or a duty. I can feel the peace that God wants for me, in my heart.—Christine

I've had Rev Jacki as a retreat director on four occasions, and I believe she is truly one of the most inspirational, loving retreat directors I've ever had.  (I've been attending retreats regularly --almost yearly -- since 1957.)  I'll never forget her treatment of forgiveness.  I thought I knew what forgiveness was all about before that retreat, but found I was a real novice when it came to forgiving.  Thank you, Jacki!—Dan

Jacki's peaceful, centering presence and prayerful support have meant the world to me as I've moved through some life-changing events and decisions in the past year.  Through Jacki's careful and intentional coaching presence, I have found a sense of hope and support for new beginnings. I am so grateful.—Jenn

I appreciate Jacki’s encouragement, guidance, loving example and gentle spirit. She is helping me toward the path of wholeness and away from fear. I am so grateful.—Barb

While many struggle to find adequate words to express their experience, Jacki has a keen sense of “hearing the journey behind the story”. Not only does she hear, but she has a gift of expressing this experience in a way that rings true with the teller. It is soul-soothing to be heard in this way.—Sue

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