Rev. Jacki Belile, CPC

Jacki Belile

"I know that the peace and power you seek is abundantly available to you. You can learn to make space for the gift of forgiveness. You can find your way forward!"

The Founder and Director of Living Well Ministries, Rev. Jacki Belile, CPC, is an ordained American Baptist minister and certified life coach. She has been teaching and coaching on forgiveness since 2000 (and living it much longer!)

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Audio and Video Meditations


We can all benefit from taking a "time out" from time to time in order to take in the love and perspective of others. We can benefit, as well, from taking time to be with ourselves and to practice the grace in various meditation forms. Our forgiveness journey will be greatly enriched by taking time out to receive the kinds of tools which connect us more deeply with our heart and shared humanity. The teachings and meditations shared here will help you to do this. As you commit to practicing such things, the grace and gift of forgiveness will be felt as you expand your experience and thoughts of compassion.

Valuable Gifts of Others

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